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Platinum lantern double arm led street lamp

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What are the unique advantages of LED Street Lamp-Yangzhou Platinum Light Lighting Technology Co., Ltd?
In general, when the government chooses to purchase road lighting for its city, the first step is to make an understanding and planning of the length and width of urban roads. 
Then according to these planned requirements to choose the performance of the lighting lamps they want to buy. 
The emergence of LED street lamps can be said to open a new lighting mode of urban road lighting. 
Since its market-oriented to the city people's daily life, its application process gradually shows a lot of unique advantages deeply attracted the attention of many peers but also occupies a place in the lighting market. 
Why are LED street lamps so popular? 
Most people must know the answer. 
This new type of road energy-saving lamp has many advantages that conventional street lamps can not have or lack. 
It is these unique advantages that have made this lamp quickly recognized by the industry since it was applied. 
Speaking of one of its most obvious advantages, it is the use of today's high-tech technology-LED light source. 
In this way, it changes the disadvantages of the high voltage alternating current used in the traditional street lamps and reduces the safety risks to pedestrians to the minimum. 
Besides, the characteristics of LED street lamps are also a very obvious advantage. 
Because the direction in which it produces the light source is unidirectional. 
In this way, there will be no light diffusion phenomenon, therefore, the light efficiency produced by street lamps has been effectively guaranteed. 
Because the secondary optical design is used as the research and development principle in the research and development process of LED street lamps, the lighting lamps and lanterns can quickly concentrate the light on both sides of the road, which greatly improves the luminous efficiency.