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Main products: Solar street light, LED street light, solar LED light, landscape light, garden light, Quality Management System: “CCC” certification, “CQC” certification, ISO 9000 9001 2004 environmental management system certification
Major business: Solar street light LED lighting, garden light Business model: Professional solar street light, LED street light 
Company type: limited liability company Registered address: Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China (Guoji Industrial Zone)
Registered funds: 68.88 million yuan
Established: 2003
Plant area: 198 square meters Customer type: Government municipal, park community, square, port
Main market: Mainland Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and Europe and the United States Southeast Asia and the Middle East Number of employees: 50 
Product introduction
     Solar street light:
The solar energy control system converts solar energy into electric energy to illuminate the street light, with the best LED effect, is becoming a trend in the world! LED street light:

Platinum light uses a single LED lamp bead integration of American LED chips or a high-power LED lamp bead to efficiently emit light-emitting street lamps. Excellent quality and cost performance!

Solar Garden Lights:
A kind of garden lamp mainly installed in the community park, equipped with solar energy system, energy saving, installation and maintenance are very convenient!
Scenery complementarity
Solar street light
The solar energy system mainly stores solar energy, and the fan stores high-quality street lamps that convert wind energy into electric energy to emit light! Wind and solar energy must be sufficient.