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The street lamp becomes the dark nemesis, the messenger of l

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Street lamp into a dark messenger of the bright nemesis
When the street light does not appear, it is very unsafe to walk the night road. This phenomenon has been greatly changed with the advent of lighting fixtures. The street lights illuminate the night and guide the road to passers-by, while also maintaining the safety of pedestrians at night. Street lights can be seen everywhere in life, but do you really understand street lights? First, the classification of street lamps can be classified into many aspects. According to the height of the street lamps, it can be divided into high pole lights, middle pole lights, road lights, garden lights, lawn lights and so on. According to the type of lamps, it can be divided into LED street lamps, energy-saving street lamps, solar street lamps, and general lighting street lamps. According to the style of the lamps, it can be divided into retro street lamps, courtyard street lamps, single-arm street lamps, and so on. In short, the variety of street lights can be described as diverse.

Second, the role of street lights Street lights are decorated on both sides of the road, public places used to illuminate at night. It can bring light in the dark, point the way to pedestrians, and effectively provide safety for pedestrians. Through careful design, some street lamps have the function of decoration, which can give people a beautiful enjoyment and can be an indispensable part of the city. Third, the standard of street lamps 

1. The elevation angle of the street lamps of each street should be consistent to ensure the appearance; the lamps should be firmly and correctly installed during installation, and regular inspections should be carried out to prevent loosening. 

2. When the lamp is loose or faulty, it should be replaced in time to avoid hurting pedestrians. 

3. When connecting the line, make sure that it is safe and correct, and also check it in time. 

4, the safety and stability of street lights is very important, we must ensure that security is correct to better serve the people. With the development of towns and cities, street lamps are being put into use in more and more places, and the market prospect is broad.