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The streetlights lit up the dark streets and lanes to hold t

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The street lights lit up the dark streets and sailed for the returning wanderers. 
In ancient times, our ancestors invented the fire with clever wisdom, and made the dark night bright. With the progress of the times, the British invented the candle in 1358, and in 1879 Edison invented the electric light. As for our society today, Accompanied by street lamps . 
The light on the street was dim and fascinated. The moths danced under the streetlights , reflecting the signs of the years. In the dim light, find the way home, go home, for us, just like dating a lover, full of expectation and joy. Therefore, street lampsare an indispensable part of our lives, and they are crucial for people who like to go out to play now. Therefore, many products have also been studied in this regard.


There are many kinds of street lamps : 

1. According to the light source: there are traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, LED energy-saving lamps, solar lamps; 

2. The shape of the press: landscape lights, single-arm lights. 

3, according to the height points: there are road lights, high pole lights. In addition to the above, there are many kinds, including steel and stainless steel, commercial power, complementary scenery and so on. So many kinds of classes are dazzling, of course, the most common ones we use today are the traditional high-pressure sodium lamps and LEDs, which are the most common. With the development of the society, there will definitely be more and more kinds of street lamps in the future , and more will go towards environmental protection and energy conservation. The street lamp is a road police patrolling at night. It has its care to go to work from work. It has received the mission of the sun and laid the ground for peace. It was it, lit up the dark streets and covered with a bright dress. It is it, it lights up, and gives pedestrians in a hurry.