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Even the streetlights use LED lights.

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Link lights also use LED lights 
The original world was dark, and it was illuminated by lights and candles at night. However, there are often great security risks. Fires may occur accidentally, and as time goes by, we have gradually replaced candles with electric lights. We are living in a new era, we can't do without the lights, thinking about how to find a more convenient and energy-saving light bulb, so there is an LED light. 
LED lights are now widely used, and even street lights use LED lights. So what are the benefits of LED street lights , why are they attracted by so many people?

1. The traditional street lamp is a high-pressure sodium lamp, and the low-pressure sodium light effect causes energy waste. The light source of the former which uses LED lamps different from conventional high-pressure sodium lamps is powered by low-voltage DC, which has higher luminous efficiency and longer service life than high-pressure sodium lamps. 
2. The LED street lamp cover is made of PC tube, with high temperature resistance up to 135 degrees and low temperature resistance up to -45 degrees. With environmental protection and energy saving, high efficiency and safety, non-toxic and recyclable secondary utilization, it has received global attention and is known as the most promising green lighting source in the 21st century. 
3, LED street light is called "LED LAMP FOR ROAD LIGHTING", which has the unidirectional nature of light and does not hurt the eye. Moreover, its light decay is small, even if it uses 10, it will not reduce the illumination, which is much better than the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp. At the same time, there are self-control energy-saving devices, which can manually set the lighting time, such as name control, temperature control, time switch and so on. As a symbol of green environmental protection, 
LED street lamps have been widely used in our lives. The lights we see in peacetime are all its credit. It gave us a day that belongs to the night.