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What are the types of lighting fixtures? How to choose

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What type of lighting fixtures are there? how to choose
I want to see things in the dark, I want to add a touch of light to the night, not just the power of the moon, but also different kinds of lighting fixtures. Now different types of lighting fixtures are not strong, as long as they want to buy Lighting, then you can go to the relevant mall, you will see many different types, and the price is also different. Anyway, everyone can buy their own and new products. But in the end how to buy it, I suggest you still first understand what is the lighting fixtures to buy, it will be easier.


First, what kind of lighting fixtures are there? 
Before choosing lighting fixtures, then the store will definitely ask which one you want to buy, and now you can generally divide the lighting fixtures into indoor and outdoor lighting. Still very different, like outdoor, then waterproof, anti-corrosion performance will be better, pay more attention to the practical aspects of the purchase. However, if it is indoors, the decoration may be more intense. Everyone will think that there will be a decorative effect when the lighting fixture is placed in the home. 
Second, when buying lighting fixtures, you should consider those aspects. 
When buying lighting fixtures , everyone will consider the price. It is not that the more expensive the price, the better the style you need, then you can go to see it. Some related fixtures. The types of lamps are different and the styles are different. It is recommended that you read more related books and know different artistic styles. 
So after reading the above introductions about lighting fixtures , do you think that buying a fixture is quite complicated, so you may wish to refer to the above methods when purchasing.