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A comprehensive interpretation of the classification and app

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Comprehensive interpretation of the classification and application of street light poles
Light poles , as an integral part of lights, play an irreplaceable role in the work lights. The cold light poles actually have a lot of unexpected knowledge. Let's follow the Xiaobian to understand the lampposts. 
First, the role of the 
street light pole The street light pole is the support of the street light. Only the street light pole is provided to ensure that the street light can perform the predetermined function and illuminate the established area. It is also the design of the street light pole that gives the street lamp a deeper role. For example, in the garden light, the street light is made into a different style of ornament by the different design of the street light pole; in the high pole street light, the street light pole gives it a height and advantage. Therefore, the street light pole is an important part of the street light.

Second, the classification 
of street light poles can be divided into different types according to the material of the street light pole: iron street light pole, stainless steel street light pole, aluminum alloy street light pole and the like. At present, China is still dominated by iron streetlights. Different characteristics of the lamppost have different advantages, but no matter which material is made of the lamppost, it must be stable and safe. It is necessary to ensure the tight welding when welding, and to ensure that the lamp post is safe when it is put into use later. In addition, the color of the streetlights is personally selected by the customer, and then a unique and meticulous design is used to produce a satisfactory finished product. 
At present , the market for domestic streetlight poles is gradually expanding, and enterprises are also occupying the market by innovating technology and improving quality. This is a good phenomenon. Only reliable quality can guarantee safe use, so as to protect the safety of consumers and pedestrians. Consumers should also supervise the quality of products and jointly promote the good development of the street lamp pole market.