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Advantages and disadvantages of several kinds of street lamp

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The advantages and disadvantages of several street lights
Walking in the streets in the dark, all kinds of street lights, different styles, they bring great convenience to our lives, convenient for our night traffic, but also decorated our city. And the variety is also very much. The advantages and disadvantages of several street lights are described below. 
1. Anti-sodium lamp 
This kind of street lamp is rarely used now. Because of the low cost, the illuminance is not enough, and the main components have a short service life. It is a hot light source and it is easy to recruit mosquitoes at night.


2, led street light 
This lamp uses a secondary optical design, has a very high light efficiency, the biggest feature is energy saving, and the life of the use is also very long, the maintenance cost is very low. But the disadvantages are also very much, the average illuminance is not enough, affecting the lighting effect, and the penetrating power of the led light is not good, and every foggy day is the same as no light. 
3, Xenon street light 
This is a kind of energy saving 30% than the led light, and very suitable for human eyes, not irritating, not easy to produce eye fatigue. Moreover, the life of the xenon lamp is longer, the life of the lamp is more than 12,000 hours, the average illumination is also very good, the generated heat is low, and it has very good penetrating power, fast starting speed, low light decay and many other advantages to make up. The shortcomings of led street lights. However, xenon lamps also have shortcomings. First, the initial investment is very much. The cost of a xenon lamp is much higher than that of led. 
In summary, the most suitable street lamp choice is the Xenon lamp. The Chinese street lamp market still has a lot of room for development. The demand for street lamps is rising every year. More and more roads are beginning to use xenon lamp lighting and soft lighting. Very good lighting effect, occupying a very large market.