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What are the important applications of solar lamps and lante

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What are the important applications of solar lights ?
Nowadays, there are more and more applications for solar energy! For example, solar lamps, solar water heaters, solar cars, etc. are all applications of solar energy. Solar energy is the radiant energy released from the internal reaction of the sun. This energy can be used as a kind of heat, which can be converted into light energy and heat energy. 
Solar energy has its own unique advantages over other energy sources: 
1. Mainly solar energy is inexhaustible and inexhaustible. There is a sun from the earth, and the sun is not in every corner of the earth. It is easy to use. 
2. solar energy in the process of using no harmful substances generated, so that the cleanest energy. It is a very important energy source for low carbon environmental protection. 
3. solar energy is a very huge energy, the energy released in the earth each year is equivalent to the energy released by 130 trillion tons of coal.


Several ways of solar application: 
1. Using solar thermal energy, through solar panels, the solar energy is concentrated and converted into heat. We need to use these heat, can be made into solar stoves, solar water heaters, etc., can also be applied to buildings, built solar houses, using solar heating. 
2. solar power generation, now many photovoltaic power generation companies set up, the establishment of a family power station, can also be converted into electricity to the grid to gain revenue, which is an application to convert solar energy into electrical energy. This principle is also applied to solar lamps. 
3. One of the most basic applications is to convert light energy into biomass energy and store it. Currently, there are mainly fast-growing plants, such as firewood. 
 In short, there is still a lot of room for the development and utilization of solar energy. The technology of solar lamps is very mature, and can be seen in alleys.