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What are the characteristics of led street lamps

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What are the characteristics of led street lamps? 
Now it is the world of led lights, and led is used all over the world. 
Led subverted the rule of the white lamp and slowly replaced it. 
You see, in the city of night, the colorful neon lights are all led. 
Now there are led living room lights, led street lights, led searchlights and so on, there are too many led lamps, so what are the characteristics of such led lights? 
1. The light efficiency is very high, and the light does not scatter, so it is very bright and the application efficiency is very high. 
2. The service life is long, compared with the sodium-resistant lamp, its life is much longer, in theory, the light decay of the led lamp is very small. 
Ten years later, the light intensity is enough to use, many led and so on can provide 3-5 years of quality assurance, so the life of the led lamp is very long.
3. Energy saving is the biggest characteristic, the light intensity is good, the field of vision is very good, using chips greater than or equal to 100LM, so it is more than 75% energy saving than the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp. 
4. Led lamp is still a cold light source, it can protect the cover very well, do not burn other places, like ordinary white light for some time will be a very hot, hot feeling. 
And the led lamp will not, not so high temperature. 
5. Very high quality, high-quality electronic components, stable power supply, each led bulb has a separate protection device, a bulb failure does not affect the lighting of the whole lamp. 
So the quality is very good. 
6. The led street lamp can set up a better way of energy-saving, adapt to more intelligent control decoration, can realize computer dimming, can change different colors, and is simpler than anti-sodium lamp design. 
There are also time-by-period control, light control and so on, a variety of control modes. 
Therefore, the combination of led lights is very many. 
So many advantages, so that led lights gradually into the family, into our lives, the street led street lamps are still so dazzling, technology has gradually changed our lives.