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Is the price of LED street lamps expensive?

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Is the price of LED street lamps expensive? 
Now, with the development of society and science and technology, people pay more and more attention to energy conservation. To save people's electricity consumption, factories have produced a large number of LED energy-saving lamps, so what is the price of this new energy-saving product? 
Is the price of LED street lamps expensive in the end? 
Next, let's discuss this problem in light of the actual situation of the market. 
With the great increase in the popularity of LED energy-saving lamps, the production of this product companies are also gradually increasing, the types of LED lights, the price is also a variety of, so what is the price of LED street lamps? 
Through market research, it is found that the price of this product is high and low according to the quality of the product as a whole. 
It is understood that most of the LED street lamp prices used by people are generally in the middle price, of which its price components include lamps, lamp poles, power supply, labor, transportation and so on, the price is not high. 
The price of this product is low, but most of the quality cannot be guaranteed. The medium price is about two or three hundred, and the high price is about 1,000. After all, every penny is a penny. 
However, the quality of high-priced LED street lamps is sometimes not necessarily particularly good, this is still based on the actual situation to observe and judge, after all, the selection of products not only depends on the price but also depends on the word of mouth of the manufacturer. 
Is the price of LED street lamps expensive? 
How, customers who are interested in the price of LED street lights, have you conclude this question?
The prices and quality of LED street lamps are different. Customers in need can choose a suitable one according to their actual situation and with the help and advice of the staff.
The performance-to-price ratio is also a relatively high LED street lamp.