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Whether the price of solar street lamp is proportional to th

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Whether the price of a solar street lamp is proportional to quality. 
People used to say. 
We don't know if this product is good or not. 
The selling price of a generally good product can be judged according to his price. 
It will certainly be more expensive, which is in the process of purchasing solar street lamps. 
The higher the price of solar street lamps. 
It means the better the quality of the product. 
This is not the case. 
Some manufacturers pursue their own sales profits. 
So in the solar street lamp price positioning. 
Set the price very high. 
The quality of the product is also very ordinary, in use. 
It doesn't last as long as we think, and it doesn't use energy-efficient light bulbs. 
If we do not power it separately, the solar energy absorbed in one day will not meet the demand for street lamps overnight at all. 

Therefore, because of this situation, when we purchase solar street lamps, we do not use solar street lamp prices to judge whether the quality of this product is good or not.


Solar street lamp price. 
We are looking at whether the quality of a product is good or not, we should conduct a comprehensive investigation to see if the materials used are up to the standard. 
See if the process is qualified at the time of production. 
In the process of using it, what is the effect of its use? 
This is a problem that we need to consider, and in the production of solar street lamps, the state also has certain quality standards for street lamps, we have to see whether it has a national qualification mark. 
If, when we purchase, we find that we have not been able to meet the national standards of conformity testing, then such products will certainly not be able to be purchased. 
Because even the lowest standards have not been met, even if the price is very cheap, can not be purchased.