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How to set the Price of Solar Street Lamp

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How to set the Price of Solar Street Lamp. 
Now the state for energy conservation of this piece of management and requirements are relatively high, we can see that in many streets, it uses street lamps is a kind of solar street lamps. 
After it absorbs sunlight during the day, it can generate electricity, which can be used for lighting at night. 
So this kind of street lamp, when used, is a very good energy-saving product. 
However, for a facility such as solar energy, we can see that in the process of using it, many people may feel that the production cost is relatively high. 
Because the process in the production is very precise, so certainly in manufacturing, its own production cost will be more expensive. 
So when it comes to sales, the price of solar street lights will certainly be higher. 

Solar street lamp price. 


In fact, for this problem, we will find that the price of solar street lamps is not as high as we thought. 
Now there are many well-known brands in the solar street lamp production and manufacturing, in the production process of the process is very advanced. 
The products produced have a good guarantee of quality. 
And can ensure that when the product is in use, the effect achieved is very idealized. 
In the solar street lamp price positioning, the price is not particularly expensive. 
In general, a solar street lamp, in the sale, the solar street lamp price is about 1000 yuan. 
Therefore, for the need for solar street lamp procurement enterprises, their own need to pay the procurement cost is not particularly high. 
Many enterprises can afford his procurement costs, so now there will be so many parks, including the choice of enterprises, the use of solar street lamps.