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LED Street Lamp Price has something to do with Brand

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LED Street Lamp Price has something to do with Brand. 
In the LED street lamp procurement, we will find that different brands in the LED street lamp sales, the price will also be very different. 
We can see that the price difference between different brands can reach a few hundred yuan. 
For example, the price of an ordinary LED street lamp maybe about 800 yuan. 
However, there are some relatively good quality brands, the effect is also better street lamps, the price to more than 1000 yuan. 
Therefore, in the purchase of LED street lamps, because of its different brands, so in the purchase, the price will also be very different. 
LED street lamp price. 
Besides, there are a lot of LED street lamps, in production, the use of imported light bulbs. 

So the effect of the light bulb will be very good, we can see that its power can reach 30 to 80W, according to different road needs, and then select and buy, you can choose different watts. 


And different watts in the procurement, LED street lamp prices will also be distinguished. 
Also, we will find that the price of LED street lamps will also be related to the production of materials. 
Generally speaking, we will find that the pole of the street lamp, that is, what we call the lamp pole, is the better steel plate used in the production. 
In this way, LED street lamps in use, its service life will be longer, will not be prone to rust damage and other situations. 
Therefore, in the process of street lamp procurement, we need to investigate a lot of places to choose LED street lamps. 
In addition to focusing on its quality, we should also focus on the overall effect of its use. 
Because according to the design on both sides of the road, we also need to choose what the street lights look like. 
To let them match very perfect, to make the road installation after more beautiful.