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What aspects should be paid attention to when installing the

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What aspects should be paid attention to when installing the high pole lamp
One of the lamps and lanterns in the street lamps are becoming more and more popular. This lamp is a high-pole lamp. This lamp has a lot of advantages in many aspects, so if you don't know much about this industry at ordinary times,
The first purchase may wish to consider the high pole lamp, there are still many aspects of installation and use that require our special attention, the following for you to introduce the installation of matters.
High pole lamp.
I. preparation for installation.
Before installing the high pole lamp, you should make a series of preparations, such as pointing out the various components in the loading and packing list in advance. Once one component is lost, the installation of the whole high pole lamp may fail.
Besides, it is necessary to check whether each component has been damaged or bent, twisted, if found that the damaged parts, to remember to return and replace.
Besides, according to the drawings to make a good mark on each bar, in the installation time to know the size of the length.
II. How to install.
When the preparation work is done, then the high pole lamp needs to be installed, and each part should be spliced together, but when the splicing is done, the factors that may be caused by manufacturing and installation errors will be found.
As a result, there will be mistakes in the installation process, so it is best to mark the longest splicing length and the shortest splicing length first.
In addition to the above considerations for installing high pole lights, lubricating oil during installation is also a critical step, but many people may overlook one point.
If you re-install following the above steps to do, I believe that will be learned in the short term.