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What are the functional features of LED lamp holder

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What are the functional features of the LED lamp holder?


Nowadays, the LED lamp holder in our life appears more and more, which is also the result of the magical effect of the LED lamp holder. It is precisely because of this that the LED lamp holder has developed rapidly.
Professionals suggest that in the next five years, the LED lamp holder will become the mainstream trend of the next generation of lighting, so what are the functional characteristics of the LED lamp holder?
1. The LED lamp holder has many functions, and the transparent lamp holder makes the lamp holder have a higher intensity and better light transmittance.
LED lamp holder.
2. Its service life is 5 to 10 times longer than that of a traditional lamp.
3. And the lamp holder realizes the modular integrated design, so the conversion between the modules is more convenient, and the maintenance cost is lower.
4. The appearance is lighter and thinner, so it can better reduce the load of the lamp pole, so the safety factor is greatly improved.
5. Intelligent control is better for automatic dimming, so it is very convenient to use.
6. The LED lamp holder has bad dazzling eyes and small light pollution, so it greatly improves the effective utilization rate of light.
7. The working voltage is lower, so it is safer to work.
8. The low working temperature has a better heat dissipation.
9. The utility performance of the lamp holder is better improved without flicker frequency with five delays.
10, shock resistance, strong anti-vibration, not easy to damage the lamp holder.
11. the color rendering index is higher and more bright.
12. A variety of color temperatures are optional to meet the needs of different situations.
13. Green environmental protection, no lead, mercury, and other pollution elements.
14. A wide input voltage is more efficient.
15. It has no pollution to the power grid and is combined with solar power generation, so the luminous efficiency is higher and the protection level is higher.
These outstanding performance features allow us to make full use of LED lamp holders in more places.
Its energy-saving and environmental protection, its safety and efficiency, its intelligent handling performance, its ease of handling, and the low cost of its maintenance have won high public recognition, and the market demand has increased.
It has promoted the better development of lamp holder products.