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Types of LED Street Lamp Factory

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Types of LED Street Lamp Factory. 
In response to the national call for energy conservation, people usually buy all kinds of energy-saving products, of which the production of LED street lamps have been praised by the majority of customers.
Due to the expansion of the market demand for this kind of product, there are more and more companies producing LED street lamps, so what kinds of LED are produced by LED street lamp manufacturers for people to choose from?
Next, let's find out.
LED street lamp manufacturers produce a variety of street lamp categories, to facilitate customers and friends to read, the next will be according to different classification standards for classification.
First of all, there is the first classification: according to the height of street lamps, LED street lamps can be divided into lawn street lamps, courtyard street lamps, medium pole street lamps, road street lamps, and high pole street lamps.
The second category: we can be classified according to the different materials used by the lamp pole of the LED street lamp, which can be divided into three categories: stainless steel street lamp, hot-dip galvanized iron street lamp and steel street lamp.
The third classification can be classified according to the shape of LED street lamps, including Chinese street lamps, single-arm street lamps, antique street lamps, dual-arm street lamps, landscape street lamps, and so on.
The last classification method can be classified according to the different power supply modes of street lamps, for example, it can be divided into wind-wind complementary roads, solar street lamps and so on.
The above classification methods basically classified the various types of existing LED street lamps. I do not know if the customers and friends have seen it clearly?
All kinds of LED street lamps produced by LED street lamp manufacturers can basically be found in the above. Interested customers can choose and buy according to their own use and personal preferences. Some customers are cautious.
You can also choose to make a comparative choice on the spot of the manufacturer.
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