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Problems needing attention in the selection of Environmental

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Problems needing attention in the selection of Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Lighting.
With the improvement of our quality of life, the choice of energy-saving and environment-friendly lighting lamps is becoming more and more prominent, which is the result of our high standards and high quality, so how to choose more energy-saving and environment-friendly lighting lamps and lanterns? 
Listen to professional analysis. 
1. Choose through the feeling of light. 
Today, the lighting lights in our lives are not only for lighting, but also play a role in decorating our home to a large extent, so to achieve their favorite effect, 
Some owners will choose their home lighting blue or green light and other different colors, as a result, the bar-style is not suitable for our daily needs, and then the light can not meet our needs. 
We must choose lamps and lanterns according to the specific conditions of our home. If the lighting effect of the building is not very good, then it is a good choice to choose some strong lighting lamps. If the lighting effect is very prominent, we do not have to choose strong lighting. 
So the feeling of light is very important. 
II. Energy Saving and Environmental Protection requirements for Children's Lamps. 
In the middle of our family, we must be careful with the use of lights in the children's room, because the baby's eyes are relatively fragile and the development of the retina is not mature, so if too much bright light or unhealthy light is ingested, it will cause eye damage. 
Therefore, for children lighting lights should choose energy-saving, environmental protection, health, and safety is the key, there is no need to choose lights because of the lamp, should be aimed at the health needs of children to choose. 
In addition to these, when we choose lighting lamps and lanterns, we must pay attention to the production of materials, and choose energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting lamps that are more in line with our needs by listening, seeing, touching, smelling, and so on. 
This is not only we enjoy the health, environmental protection, and safety of the camp experience, but we also can better dress up our lives.