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How to install Solar Street Lamp correctly

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How to install Solar Street Lamp correctly
Nowadays, the styles of street lamps are varied, and it takes several days for everyone to buy them in the street lamp market. People mainly want to buy some advanced street lamps, so it is recommended that you can choose solar street lamps. 
This product is very protective in all aspects. 
Because of its practicability, more and more manufacturers are producing and designing solar street lamps. What about this product? 
Let's start with the correct use of it. 
Solar street lamps should be installed with caution. 
When you install street lights, you may simply feel that you are connecting the various parts, but in fact, you will always ignore a lot of things when installing them. 
Before you install it, you have to know what the working principle of solar street lamps is. It is through the collection of solar radiation, and then you can generate heat energy through radiation, which can be converted into electricity. This is a very simple installation method. 
It's just that when you install it, you need to know that the parts are closely connected. 
2. There should be no leakage of the wires. 
Although the solar street lamps you bought are brand new, you still have to carefully check them before installation to prevent the wires from peeling, and so on. 
Then it will be very easy to leak electricity in the course of use, which is very dangerous, and it is easy to be electrocuted on rainy days. 
Through the face of how to correctly install solar street lamps briefly introduced, we have their understanding of how to install, but if they are not sure, or suggest that we can consult experts.