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Introduction to the Development History of Street Lamp

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Introduction to the Development History of Street Lamp
Mankind has always been pursuing the light. In the early days of human development, we did not have all kinds of lighting tools. We could only illuminate through torches. At that time, the fire was the sacred representative in people's hearts. Later, Edison invented the electric light. 
People's bright road was lit up, and in 1843 there was the first street lamp in Shanghai, China, and then more and more cities began to use such public lamps in large quantities. 
Unlike other lamps and lanterns, street lamps are public lighting tools. They are not set up to send light and warmth to one person, but to show directions to all who pass by the street, when they work late into the night on their way home. 
Passing a brightly lit street, do you feel very warm? as one of the public goods, it not only shows the humanistic care of the country but also shows the construction of a city to the friends of the public consumers. 
The street lamp has become an indispensable part of our life, it illuminates the streets of the city, but also illuminates our hearts, on the way forward with it, we no longer have to worry about the darkness. 
It warms a cold city that was engulfed by the night, and now rows of streetlights have become the scenery of every city, and it plays more than just a role in lighting. 
At the same time, it also plays an important role in the construction of the city.