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What is a trail landscape light?

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What is a trail landscape light?
When it comes to landscape lights, you might say that I see you every day. Yes, landscape lights are very common, especially trail landscape lights, which are everywhere in life, so what kind of trail landscape lights are there? Features or design concepts .
The biggest difference between the landscape lamp and the street lamp is in the concept of landscape. If it is purely for lighting, all street lamps will be used, and there is no need to spend so much effort. The emergence of landscape lights is not purely for lighting, because most of the landscape lights have not used too strong brightness. The biggest feature or design idea of landscape lights is that they have a very good match with the surrounding environment. The night city is still very charming.
Landscape lights generally use the design of outsourcing landscape with energy-saving lamps, and some areas also use solar energy storage power supply design, because China is a big electricity-consuming country, especially at night. In some big cities, the lights are almost never turned off at night. This puts a lot of pressure on the urban electricity system, so the landscape lights are designed with energy-saving, and the brightness is not particularly high. Secondly, the landscape lamp has a very good coordination space with the surrounding environment in terms of appearance design and light source color. For example, in some pedestrian streets in downtown areas, trail landscape lights mostly use some warm colors, such as light yellow, which will give people a comfortable feeling, while in some industrial areas or art venues, some will be used. The combination of blue and bright colors will give people a kind of conserved and mysterious visual effect. The development of trail lands cape lights has been suitable for all aspects of life.