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A special idea about the future of smart street lights

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A special idea about the future of smart street lights
Recently, Philips has implemented an Internet of Things System for Smart Street Lights in the United States called the First Experience of Future Connected Cities. At the same time, Huawei is also carrying out this project. Although the specific project has not yet been announced, it is enough to give people infinitely beautiful imagination. As far as I think, smart street lights. I think that may be the most useful, it can be divided into two kinds.
The first is the perception ability of the transportation system. Speaking of this, perhaps the first thing you think of should be a household voice-activated switch. I think this principle should be used in future smart street lighting systems. What does it mean? For example, a road has a total length of five kilometers. When you drive one kilometer, it will naturally feel the direction you are heading. Then it will automatically turn on the street lights for the second kilometer for you. When you drive to the second kilometer, he will automatically turn on the street lights of the third kilometer for you, and then automatically turn off the street lights of the first highway, so that the switch is constantly on. This is the preliminary stage of a kind of imagination and requires a lot of technology. Difficult solution. Of course, this only applies to ordinary roads or rural roads with small traffic. When implemented in the city, it may control the brightness. Of course, when used on roads with heavy traffic, it will automatically adjust the light to become stronger. When the flow of people becomes scarce, it will automatically adjust the power to make the lights weaker. In Philips, the report involves the function of automatic wifi. I think this is more interesting. If there will be street lights, you can use wifi for free. This effect is also very good. Of course, this is only the first idea. In the next article, we will introduce the second idea in detail, which will be very useful!