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Is it really suitable to use wind-solar solar street lights

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Is it really suitable to use wind-solar complementary solar street lights at the seaside?
Many customers who are by the sea will ask us when purchasing solar street lights whether they should use wind-solar complementary solar street lights. Under normal circumstances, if the customer resolutely has such a request, we will agree. But in fact, at the seaside, street lights with complementary scenery are rarely used. And most of them just use solar street lights. Of course, this must also be installed when the corrosion resistance and wind resistance of the street light meet the requirements. So why is it not suitable for wind and solar hybrid solar street lights?
The reason is the first. The domestic wind-solar complementation is that the wind turbines actually meet the requirements of very few. Most of the small wind turbines have a virtual table in the picture, which is insignificant. Moreover, the general fan must have a high requirement. The closer it is to the ground, the smaller the wind will be. At this time, the blowing effect of the fan is also very small. Only the wind at a height of fifteen to twenty meters or more plays a key role. The normal wind-solar hybrid solar street lights have a relatively high height of about ten meters, which is obviously not suitable for wind-solar hybrids.
The second reason is that the wind and solar hybrid solar street lamp fan and solar energy are actually two work efficiencies overlapping each other, sometimes you seem to use the two seem to be able to cooperate with each other, but in a real sense, a certain One is enough. Of course, it is better to use a fan when the height is high enough, and it is enough to use a solar street lamp when the height is relatively low. There is no need to add a fan at all. And the corresponding cost will increase a lot at this time. In addition, the use of a fan requires a separate controller, which obviously increases the cost.
Third, domestic fans basically do not have good acid and alkali resistance treatment. Therefore, it is easy to be damaged under the erosion of strong corrosive seawater and sea breeze. Of course, if it needs to meet the requirements, the cost may be higher to meet this requirement. Therefore, under normal circumstances, is the seaside used for wind-solar complementary solar street lights?