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Why does the solar landscape light suddenly turn off

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Why does the solar landscape light suddenly turn off
Whether it is solar street lights, solar garden lights, or solar landscape lights. After buying it back, the customer found that the solar landscape light suddenly did not turn on after a period of time, so why did the solar landscape light suddenly turn off ?
Today we will analyze the specific reasons why the solar landscape lights suddenly do not turn on. The reason why ordinary landscape lights or courtyard lights don't turn on is quite simple. It is likely that the light source inside is damaged, or the wiring is not connected properly. But the solar landscape light is different because it has a full set of solar systems. When the solar system is damaged, it will not light up, and this situation will be more common. First of all, solar panels, no matter what kind of solar street lights or solar street lights with high power, must use solar electronic panels. Because, if you want the sun to work for us and create electricity for us, we must use solar electronic panels, which rely on polysilicon to absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. But this kind of electronic board is very fragile, no matter in the process of transportation or installation, as long as it is hit hard, it will break. What happens after it's broken? It will becompletely useless to watch the electronic board later! the second. It may be the reason for the solar battery. Although ordinary solar batteries are relatively resistant to collisions, once they are cracked, or the acid inside is frozen and cracked, they cannot continue to electrolyze to generate electricity. And the solar battery also has certain losses. When used for a certain period of time, the solar battery may be scrapped. There is also the reason for the led light source. If the circuit board of the light source is damaged, the light source may not light up. If all of the above are intact, then there is a problem with your controller. Of course, all the parts are intact, but because of the local rainy days, the solar electronic panels cannot absorb the sunlight, and at the same time there is not enough power in the battery to start, it will cause the solar landscape light There was a temporary shock. When the sun is shining, it can absorb light energy again, and then it can lig ht up at night.