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How can solar street lights avoid being locked and stolen by

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How can solar street lights avoid being locked and stolen by thieves?
Customers who install solar street lights may have generally encountered a very troublesome problem. After installing the solar street light for a period of time, it was discovered that the parts of the solar street light had been stolen. It may be battery panels, and more should be solar batteries. These shortcomings are only stolen back, they may use the battery car in their own home to charge. Or go directly to a junkyard and sell it cheaply. So how to avoid theft of solar parts?
First of all, I think I should tighten the screws of the solar street light components. Of course, if it is installed in the city, there is no need to worry about it, because if it is stolen, it can be reported to the police in time. But once it is installed in mountainous areas or rural areas, especially in places where thieves are more rampant, you must pay special attention to tightening the screws of the spare parts. The most important thing is the anti-theft of the solar battery. The most effective method here is that if the quality of the solar battery is relatively good, it can be used for more than three to five years. Then, when burying the solar street light foundation, use concrete directly, pour it together with the concrete foundation of the solar street light, and try to bury it as deep as possible. Because one of the two benefits of doing so is of course anti-theft? It is still very laborious to dig out a concrete foundation. The second is antifreeze. Because the winter in many cities is very cold, it may be a few degrees below zero. At this time, the thermal insulation effect of the solar cell box alone may not be enough. Therefore, it needs to be buried with concrete a little more. In this way, the heat preservation effect is better, and the service life of the solar battery can also be prolonged. In addition, the anti-theft of solar street light parts needs to be checked and repaired frequently. Only in this way can it be guaranteed to be illuminated for a long time.