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What to do if a solar controller is broken

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 What to do if a solar controller is broken
Customers who use or purchase solar street lights often encounter such difficulties. A solar street light is good to buy the others, but after a while, the solar street light will go out. Check to see what is the problem? The result was that the solar controller was damaged. So what should I do?
First of all, we have to figure it out. Specifically, what kind of controller does it belong to? Because there are many types of controllers. Commonly used are fool controllers, intelligent controllers, and a simple controller, but its effect is not good . The ones we use most here belong to the fool-caring controllers and intelligent controllers. For a fool-type controller, it's very simple. Buy it from a specific manufacturer, or ask the street lamp supplier to make one for you, and then you can adjust the time directly on the controller. This is relatively simple, but it cannot be adjusted more accurately.
Specifically, we will introduce you to the intelligent controller. The intelligent controller is mainly adjusted on the computer. Once adjusted? You can install it directly, without adjusting the solar controller panel. This is a little more complicated than the other two, but the specific effect is better. Because it can be adjusted more finely, for example, when do you want to turn it on in the morning? Whether it is full power, half power or one-third power can be adjusted. Or do you want to turn on the lights at seven o'clock or eight o'clock or turn on the street lights as soon as it gets dark? In other words, it turns off after twelve o'clock in the evening or turns it on again three hours before the morning. These can be adjusted. Therefore, although the intelligent controller is complicated, its effect and performance are far better than the other two.