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How to avoid failures during the use of landscape lights

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How to avoid failures during the use of landscape lights--Yangzhou Boguang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
Unlike those lamps that illuminate city streets, the crowd faced by landscape lights can be said to be staged. And at this stage, if the landscape lights are not paid attention to or maintained, various failures or problems are prone to occur. As a result , it not only affects the lighting problems of modern scenic spots but also brings bad effects to the scenic spots themselves. Therefore, during the use of landscape lights, relevant facility maintenance personnel should take precautionary measures to prevent problems in the true sense.
The common possible failures of landscape lights are mainly divided into two types. The first is a common high-impedance fault. Gaozu fault refers to the cable facility connected to the landscape lamp is burned out for some reason. The direct effect of such a situation is usually that the resistance inside the wire is too large, which affects the insulation of the wire. This causes a malfunction. The other is a low-resistance fault. There is a big difference between high-resistance faults. The resistance value of the wire is too low to reach the lowest resistance value of the measuring instrument, which affects the amount of electricity flowing between the wires, and the image of cable transmission appears. malfunction.
In view of the above problems, the relevant construction personnel should take corresponding protective measures for the landscape lights in advance within one week before the arrival of the tourist peak of each year. The first is to check the materials of the lighting tools. Some workers cut corners in order to save time and effort. Use some wires of poor quality on purpose. In this way, when some unexpected factors occur, it is easy to cause malfunctions. In addition, the relevant construction personnel should also timely check whether the supporting facilities of the landscape light are intact and reasonable. Only by taking sufficient protective measures can the occurrence of failures be effectively prevented.