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Traffic lights are important tools for traffic facilities

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 Traffic signal lights are important tools for traffic facilities---Yangzhou Boguang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
In the traffic regulations promulgated, the functions of traffic signal lights are clearly defined. They are the most important part of traffic. Different lights give us different signals and play an important role in traffic operation.
The red light means that traffic is prohibited because the red light gives people the feeling of danger and gives people a solemn feeling. The green light means that walking is allowed. When the green light is on, the law stipulates that both vehicles and passers- by can walk, but turning vehicles must not hinder straight-going vehicles and pedestrians. The yellow light is to give people a reaction time so that people can quickly pass in these few seconds. Traffic lights give people a kind of information, let people know if it is safe to walk like that.
There are not only these three types of traffic lights, but also direction indicators, lane lights, and crosswalk lights. These are all components of traffic lights, which are used to signal people so that everyone knows whether to walk or stop., So as to maintain social order and prevent traffic accidents.