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Failure analysis of courtyard lights---Yangzhou Boguang Ligh

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Failure analysis of courtyard lights---Yangzhou Boguang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
Courtyard lights are really used a lot. Now in many larger cities, in order to look good and beautiful, many street lights are of this kind. A thing will always be broken. When we want to cultivate when it is broken, we definitely don 't start directly. We have to find a reason and find out where something went wrong before we can fix it. The same is true for this kind of lamp. We can first understand in advance what kind of problem might be caused by this kind of lamp.
We can't install courtyard lights ourselves, because this is very complicated, you have to determine the location, and then connect the electricity, we don't know these. Therefore, it is usually installed by the person who sells the lamps. You think some companies may not pay attention when installing it. For example, the cable that is pulled, has to be buried, but the ditch is not very deep, and the bricks we covered on it may not be fixed., Leaving a problem, these reasons are likely to cause rainwater to infiltrate, or some other reasons, make this short circuit. The lights are actually good at this time, but there are some problems with the wiring.
Another thing is that the quality is relatively poor. For example, the performance of the wire used for the wire is not very good, and then it is relatively hard. If this is the case, it is easy to break, and the outer layer of protection is very few. This will easily leak electricity. So we have to choose some good companies as far as possible, and there will be no such problems when buying in these places.
In fact, whether it is the construction or the quality itself, it is related to this company, because we are only responsible for buying, and then the things we buy are theirs, and the installation is also theirs, so we choose a better one . Yard lights are very important. For example, platinum lighting, so the use time of the lights will be much longer.