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The choice of the new era-the characteristics of LED street

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The choice of the new era-the characteristics of LED street lights---Yangzhou Boguang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
Times are changing slowly, and many things are slowly evolving. For example, the things you ate before and now are very different. That's the same with the lights. The ones we used in the past are different from the ones we use now. As I said very early, maybe the lights at that time didn't use electricity. Now there is a very common one called LED. Everyone knows it. So let’s talk about the characteristics of LED and why it was chosen.
The most advanced LED, which is not available in many lamps today, is that it contains many reflectors that can be used for reflection. And the efficiency is very high, so the function of this thing can be well and completely displayed. It is precisely because of this thing that the light of the LED can be directionally emitted. In this way, we can be well illuminated in some places on the road, because this is what we can control and want It can be taken anywhere.
Another is that we know that this kind of lamp is actually brighter, but compared with some lamps, it is not a waste of electricity. There is also a design issue at play here. When they did it, they made each light the same as the previous design, so that after the whole adjustment, the light of the LED not only looks very bright, the spot found is large, but it also saves electricity.
Another feature of this kind of lamp is that its power supply is different from ordinary ones. Usually, the lamp we use is easier to damage. The constant current output he uses, our voltage is not stable. Then use this to ensure that the light is on and there will be no short circuit.