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Decoration secrets of landscape lights

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Decoration secrets of landscape lights' doubts and answers---Yangzhou Boguang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
When we buy landscape lights, we use this kind of lights to treat our own things, either for the greenery of the city, or the big yard in our own home or some scenic spots need this kind of lights to make things look better. In short, since I bought it, I must use it, but this thing also needs to be skillful. If it is not done well, it may have counterproductive effects.
Let's talk about caves first. There are many scenic spots of this kind. Most of these come out naturally. The things inside, such as the rocks hanging from the top, or the surrounding rocks, are very different. It looks strange, so it looks good. There may also be small streams below. Many such places also use landscape lights, especially those that are said to be living by monsters. It is to add a background to this place, and it is even more necessary. This kind of lamp. We need to pay attention to some things at this time. The first is color because it has many kinds of colors. At this time, we also try to be very natural. It can't just change very steeply so that it doesn 't look good.. Many of them are used colder, and if the colors are adjacent to each other, it will have a very beautiful effect.
Of course, it is not that the more colors the better. Many people like to use a lot of landscape lights, and then the whole scenery loses its original appearance. We can only see a lot of colors of light, so the scenery itself has no effect. This light is just to make things look better, not just for you to look at the light so that the scenery doesn't have to be there. So we must not use it casually, and then try to find the color closer to the scenery, so that the effect will be better.