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About the power distribution control inspection of high pole

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In the use environment of high pole street lights, they are generally used in places such as piers and ports. They need long-term stable and large-area lighting, which is different from ordinary street lighting equipment, which requires them to have a stronger shape and more stable operation, in order to ensure the normal operation of high-pole street lights, it is necessary to assign a part of professional and technical personnel or circuit personnel to make regular or regular inspection reports for the high-pole lights to avoid accidents and losses.


So what is the difference between the circuit configuration of the high pole street lamp and ordinary lighting equipment? First of all, we must know the particularity of the place where it is used, which requires its own good stability and ability to withstand certain earthquakes or Lightning attacks, then a detailed inspection of the circuit configuration is required.

For example, the wiring and the wiring of the light panel must be strong and fixed so as not to fall off or slip, otherwise, there will be a short circuit. Imagine if the plane at the airport is about to land or take off, it happens to be At night, the line of sight is very limited. Suddenly, the light line is short-circuited, causing the loss of light, which is really a very dangerous thing. In addition, pay attention to the overall connection to be reliable and firm, and no accidental breakage. There are some parts between electrical appliances to ensure that they can work normally.