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Street lights in the city are essential things

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With the rapid development of urban life, people's pace of life has accelerated, and they are working overtime from nine to five. The traffic in the city is crowded. Oftentimes, I have to drive out to work at five or six o'clock, groping for the way forward in the dark. In the morning before dawn, the weak rays of the sun cannot guide us along the way. At this time, the beacon that provides us with guidance is the street lamp.
The street lamp is a tool that is unwilling to put forward his own hard work. Whether it is windy or rainy, it has always been erected there to guide people on the road ahead. Even if the lonely figure is highlighted in the long night, it is still so bright. In the eyes of many office workers, street lights are the best way to understand their mood. It's like being busy every day at home but there is such a decline that no one can tell. It is precisely because of the street lights that seem to have the same words on the way to work every day, quietly telling our aspirations.
Street lights are erected on both sides of the road, in people’s eyes like friends around us, leading us to where we want to go. If there are no street lights around, the whole city will become a dead city, without any signs of pedestrians, and everyone is unwilling to walk in places without lights. Therefore, the street lamp is an important companion around us to accompany us to grow.。