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People dressed up as street lights on both sides of a new ro

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With the advent of holidays, people have entered the rhythm of a welcome holiday, just like the annual Spring Festival. People will return home a few days early to reunite with their families and re-dress their homes. Clean up the house price for the old mother at home, wipe the doors and windows, sweep the floor, and change the look of the house. The Spring Festival is the biggest festival for members of our country once a year. Many people will come back from far away to reunite with their families. However, decorations are also indispensable during the Spring Festival. Even the Spring Festival couplets or the decorations at the door will be updated, but our street lights will not be let go.
When the traffic in the countryside is not very convenient, people will take a walk on the road to relax and relax. Among the small roads in the country, the street lights are the most favored by them, because without street lights, the mountains and villages around the countryside are things that are deserted. I don't dare to take a step when I go out, so many times the street lights will be dressed up by the villagers, just like a little girl waiting to be married.
It is precise because of this that people dress up the street lamp so beautifully, and it is precisely because it is an indispensable product in our lives that we will cherish it and take care of it so that it will stay by our side better and longer .