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Can't relax for a moment when installing street lights

点击数: 次  2021-06-01

As we all know, street lights play a very important role at night. They are another pair of eyes that we have when we walk at night. They will never go out, rain or shine, and they have been by our side to accompany us through night after night. We pass by street lights every day, but do you know? Installing a street lamp is a careful job, and it also requires very professional knowledge and deep work experience to complete, so don't underestimate a street lamp, it's really a lot of "wealth".
In the process of installing street lights, a small screw needs to be confirmed again and again by the installer, but a small screw plays an indispensable role. Not only that, but the large parts of the street light need to be confirmed many times. , To ensure that it is not damaged, or whether it is safe, this requires the installer to spend a lot of effort to complete. When installing large parts, the installer will be very careful to install the large parts accurately.
After completing the installation of the street lights, the staff who installed the street lights have not finished their work. They still need to spend time to test whether the street lights can be used normally, and there will be no safety accidents during the lighting process. Once they find out where there are small things If something is wrong, the staff who installs the street lights will immediately make improvements until there are no problems.