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How to choose an economical, high-quality and durable solar

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With the popularization of energy conservation and environmental protection knowledge, coupled with less and less non-renewable resources, and some are almost exhausted, people are looking for renewable resources or new energy to replace non-renewable resources. The emergence of Tainengneng street lights is people's development and utilization of solar energy. Such street lights generate electricity by absorbing and storing the heat of solar energy. They are the real guardians of environmental protection and energy conservation in the new era. So how can we choose solar street lights that are not only economical but also high-quality and durable in the face of solar energy with various brands and specifications?
First, when buying this kind of street light, we must first consider its quality. The brightness of the light is something everyone pays more attention to. When choosing a street light, the seller will often introduce this kind of street light to be very bright . Note that solar street lights are not brighter and brighter. Well, if it is too bright, it will generally not be able to withstand it. If it is too bright, it will consume a lot of power and affect the life of the battery , so choose the right brightness.
Second, be sure to check all the components, batteries, wires, etc. when purchasing. The smaller the components, the easier it is to be overlooked, but as a whole, even the smallest components will affect the life of the entire lamp.
Third, a very important point in choosing solar street lights is the battery life, because the battery directly affects the heat storage and output, so we must pay attention to choosing a better quality and durable battery.